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Are you festival ready?

Here at Headfudge we have put together this nifty guide for all things festival! From our funky tee’s and cosy hoodies to handy bags and beanie hats – we have everything you need to keep you dancing the day, and night, away in comfort and style!

So, what do I need to take with me to a festival? Here is a comprehensive list for you which we have compiled from our experienced team here at Headfudge, who have been to many a sunny/soggy/sweaty festival between us!

First things first – the clothes on your back. You will need a selection of t-shirts to wear over the weekend. Let’s face it, you’re going to get either wet, sweaty or covered in beer. So plenty of spares are a must! What about our simple and comfy v-neck tees? Men's come in white or charcoal grey and women's white, black, Caribbean blue and coral – currently on sale for only £8.50 - £15.00!

Or maybe you like our original Headfudge logo range (below) - with the black ones being perfect to hide a whole manor of sins and spillages! £19.00

And for the ladies, what about these original design, lightweight v-neck t-shirts with our 'wave sunshine' pattern on the back? Great on warm summer days - and best of all, they are also on sale at the moment for only £10.45!


Ok. So the night is drawing in and it’s not long now until the headlining band perform. The temperature has started to drop slightly so you need a warm, comfy hug from a hoody, right?

So what about one of these bad boys – our ever popular unisex Airforce blue hoodie for £35.00 – selling super fast so don't miss out on yours!

And not leaving out our popular beanies… choose from knit, slouch, or chunky rib – which ever style floats your boat. Sale beanies from £7.80 - £19.99


Right. So that’s your outfit sorted. What are you going to use to keep your worldy possessions safe all weekend whilst still looking stylish? Ah ha. One of these!

Sling her over your shoulder and you can relax knowing that everything is stowed away safe and sound. Or if you need to carry around a little more, these beauties come in a larger size too! Sorted! Low stock - £16.99 - £23.99

How about one of our nifty unisex mini-reporter bags? Lightweight, water resistant and perfect size to carry your necessities. Wear either on the shoulder or across the body with adjustable strap. Limited time sale! – £13.99


So what do I need in my suitcase?

  • Your ticket!

  • A decent tent, sleeping bag, pillow and roll mat

  • A water bottle which you can keep topping up during the day

  • Your wellies – even if it’s sunny, they are a festival must-have and are great for trekking through the fields

  • Loo roll

  • Sun tan cream/aftersun

  • A waterproof jacket

  • Your basic toiletries

  • A hat

  • A few spare carrier bags for dirty clothes

  • Some cash and your bank card

  • A torch and spare batteries

  • Sunglasses

  • ID

Headfudge Top Tips:

Only pack stuff you really need! There is always a fair amount of walking involved at festivals – firstly, getting from your car to the field where you will pitch your tent. So ensure you have a decent suitcase or back pack to make this journey as comfortable and easy as possible.

Always check the website of the festival you are going as some have restrictions on certain things.

“Make sure you pack a portable mini usb charger so you don’t miss any awesome photo ops, dry shampoo and baby wipes - oh and a 'shewee' – it’s got to beat festival toilets, right?! ” – Heather :)

So there you go – you’re all set! You have everything you need for a fantastic festival! And hey, if you’re wearing our gear, send us a pic to be guaranteed a share on our Facebook page!

Facebook - @headfudgeclothing

Instagram - #headfudgeclothing

Twitter – #headfudge

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