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           CAN FREE OUR MIND"

                     - Bob Marley


Hi, I’m Heather Pierpoint. I’m a professional graphic & web designer and have run my own company, Headfudge Design, for over 15 years. What led me to take that leap of faith into the daunting world of self-employment was pretty simple: freedom - to be the free-spirit I am and to love what I do for a living. So, after eight years in the design industry working for other people, an epic backpacking trip to OZ & New Zealand, several life-changing experiences and some valuable moments of clarity in my mind, I decided to start up on my own. 


I’ve faced many tough challenges in my life, but that’s what has given me the strength and relentless drive to succeed. It’s given me the determination and the fire in my belly to feel free; to embrace the freedom that we all have to live in the moment, escape our cluttered minds and unleash the free-spirit hidden away. 


When I found out I was pregnant, my life was flipped upside down. I lived for travelling the world, ticking off my bucket list at warp speed and of course complete dedication to my successful design business. Suddenly I was faced with being a single working mum with a mortgage, a dog, a busy design company to run, and soon, a baby!  So, at some crazy hour in the night, six months pregnant and worried about the future, I dreamt up the somewhat ambitious idea of creating my own clothing brand. I thought: ‘it could be the next big name in lifestyle clothing’ and our future would be secured. I'd be able to live life to the full with my daughter, giving her the life i'd always strived for, instead of being glued to my computer 16 hours a day missing those precious moments... Hey, there's nothing wrong in dreaming is there?! 

So, after many long hours working on the branding, designing the logo, website and of course the first range of clothes, Headfudge Clothing was born – along with my incredible, funny and cheeky little hippie chick. This is all for you, Sienna – you’re my world xxx

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