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Headfudge Clothing is an outdoor lifestyle brand. Inspired by the ocean,
freedom & the great outdoors... its clothing for the free-spirited.

"We can all embrace the freedom we have, to live in the moment"
What does Headfudge mean?
Surf Lifestyle clothing headfudge clothing brand logo

So... what does Headfudge mean?

The whole ethos behind Headfudge Clothing is about freedom. Having clarity of mind and escaping from the everyday stresses and strains that cloud our heads. It's about getting out there in the great outdoors, being immersed in and healed by nature, living in the moment and experiencing the world as a free-spirit.


The logo design, created by Headfudge Clothing founder Heather, represents a fusion of her biggest loves; the ocean (wave elements), freedom (the fluid, dynamic shape), travel (tribal style design) and her daughter (represented by the abstract dorsal fins of a mum and baby dolphin). Heather has a deep love of dolphins and so this subtle nod had to be included! 

You can read Heather's back story here

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