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Behind the scenes with Headfudge owner and creator, Heather Pierpoint

It’s always good to get a bit of insight to the inner workings of any brand or company. Here Headfudge owner and creator, Heather, gets a grilling to find out what makes her tick and what spawned the company. Read on for more.

Tell us about your background first. Where you’re from and where you’re at now.

I was born in Manchester and moved down to the south coast with my family when I was eight. I love living by the New Forest and so close to the sea – I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The ocean and greenery are like medicine to me and I feel so lucky.

After four years studying graphic design at Salisbury College I started working as a junior designer in Southampton. After climbing up to senior level, over a period of eight years in the industry, I finally took that leap of faith and started up on my own. The decision came following a defining backpacking trip to Australia and New Zealand. When I came back I started up Headfudge Design - (10 years ago) and I’ve never looked back!

What prompted you to start a clothing brand?

Falling pregnant unexpectedly was the catalyst for Headfudge Clothing! The panic of life ahead as a full time, single working mummy, with the fear of not being able to maintain the level of pressure and working hours I'd been doing in my business made me decide a plan B was needed – a business that, if successful, would be able to run itself much more than my design business could.

Headfudge Design was by this time incredibly successful, but knowing I'd most likely lose my large blue chip clients when trying to juggle a baby and loss of hours, I was worried about the future. In a moment of madness I thought: ‘I can create a new clothing brand!’. I had the tools already in place for the main work - designing the logo, website and clothes range. That would usually cost thousands if paying someone else. If I could get it out there and it took off, then I could eventually stop working crazy hours, missing all that precious time with my baby, and be comfortable enough to spend time with my girl and give her an amazing life.

And why is Headfudge themed as outdoor/surf/beach lifestyle gear?

My biggest loves (aside from my girl and dog of course) are the ocean, travelling, nature and the great outdoors. I've been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling, pre mummy-hood, and ticked off many of my bucket list destinations and experiences. For me, the best medicine for the mind is being by the ocean, breathing in that distinct air that feels like it cleanses your soul, getting lost in the moment by the earthy embrace of the forest and letting the mind run free with dreams and plans for that next adventure. The feelings all these things give are a sense of freedom, clarity of mind, escapism from the daily rat race and possibilities of good things to come. In times of trouble, I have always taken solace and managed to find peace in the great outdoors.

Mindfulness is so important in the ever crazy and worrying world we live in, where you feel dizzy from the pace of life. I make myself experience joy in the moment - really experience the now and cleanse the mind of all the crap life puts in the way.

Do you surf yourself?

The answer to that should of course be yes, and that would be true in an ideal world, but despite my yearn to learn, with running my business and being tied up with a toddler, my time out of work is limited. However, I did just purchase my first stand up paddle board last month and I have my first lesson in a few weeks! I’m SO excited! I intend on spending much of this summer on the water – SUP, kid and dog in tow! (Well, maybe not all at same time! Although I did buy a lifejacket for both my 2 legged and 4 legged girls!).

What about other activities – into anything specific?

With having an energetic golden retriever, dog walking is definitely my main daily activity! She is very lucky as I also have a dog walker who takes her for two hour runs in the forest when I’m busy working.

I’m also into Yoga and Pilates, and practice meditation whenever i can. Coastal walks are always great for switching off too. I’ve been trying to learn guitar for several years, but just never have enough hours in the day. One day, I’ll be able to fulfil my dream of being sat playing guitar around a campfire, with my girl and my dog! It’s the simple things y’know?

You obviously appreciate these sorts of sport but which is your fave and why?

Although I’m yet to learn to surf, the whole surfing / beach vibe is so me. I would love nothing more than to have an awesome day out on the water, followed by just chilling, sat on the board watching the sunset and then a campfire and few cheeky drinks with friends. I think SUP is the way forward for me as it’s so much easier to learn and I can take my little girl and dog out with me. Being able to take an inflatable SUP pretty much anywhere makes it so much more flexible too.