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Just get out there – in the ocean – whatever it takes!

It’s getting warmer, with improving weather forecasts charging our way as we speak. There’s no better time to get out there and make use of summer weather in the water. You’ve just got to make that decision and get out there – whatever it takes! Beg, steal, borrow, bunk, dunk and skunk…just do it!

With this in mind here are a few activities and ways to make the most of your time at the coast this season. For sure, many are tried and tested but that shouldn’t stop everyone having a dig. Grab those reigns and hit it!

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

Easier than you’d imagine paddling while stood on an oversize looking surfboard (even though it’s not quite one) is accessible and fun. Mellow or frenetic, depending on the environment you put yourself in, SUP is an easy way to get afloat and make use of time beside any stretch of water.


You know, that sport where you constantly fall (as is the way it’s portrayed in mainstream media). Windsurfing equipment has come on leaps and bounds during the last 20 years and it’s never been easier to get into. With a qualified instructor showing you the ropes you’ll be up and riding quick smart with minimal dunkings.


Windsurfing’s younger sibling offers quick progression and an efficient way to make use of light winds. Even when the breeze fills in you’ll find plenty of kiters ready and willing to hit the brine. With a qualified coach giving you guidance you’ll be heading for the horizon (but hopefully coming back at some point) without too much hassle.


You’d be forgiven for thing ‘sponging’ is just a kids sport – it isn’t! Check online for evidence of high performance riding before heading to the beach and getting stuck in yourself. Fear not, however, bodyboarding doesn’t have to be as extreme as the pros make out. Simply hucking into mellow white water and skimming towards the beach is ample fun for most.


Yep, standing up riding a wave makes and appearance in the list. With yellow and blue foamie under arm you can’t fail to have fun whilst frolicking in the surf – even if you never actually get to your feet (so what!). Fork out some Dollar for a lesson or two, however, and you’ll be ripping in no time.


Nope we’re not on about those boats that you sit inside; we’re talking about sit on tops. Accessibility and user friendly are keywords when discussing sit on kayaks. Stable these boats most definitely are meaning a few minutes (yes, minutes not days!) are all it takes to get yourself moving and having fun in the sun.

Dinghy sailing

Too many moving parts, all those ropes and nautical terms may be off putting but actually with an experienced hand guiding you through it’ll all make sense soon enough. Pottering along in a marginal sea breeze or shooting off downwind with the spinnaker flying is all part and parcel of an easy to access and engaging watersport.

Whatever you choose as your next water going activity just get involved. Talk is cheap whereas actually doing is far more fulfilling. Get out there. Get on it. And get involved – whatever it takes.


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