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Perfect four - winter adrenaline sports for the seasonally affected

Winter getting you down? Fed up of the off season already? Feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? Don’t despair, winter isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, it’s the best season to try something new, get outdoors and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

What we’re about to suggest may sound obvious when you sit back and think about it but sometimes you just need a little push. So, yeah, winter, that down and dreary season when nowt much happens, right? Wrong! Stay with us as we run down some activities that might prick your interest.

SUP surfing

Eh? We hear you ask. What’s SUP? Nope, we’re not getting all American street slang we’re actually talking about the abbreviated term for stand up paddling. If you’re not sure what stand up is then Google. Simply put, however, stand up paddling is literally that. Standing up on a board with a paddle. Taking it to the surf is the next level.

So why paddle in waves? Well, having a paddle allows riders to get more waves, enjoy longer rides and surf in smaller conditions than you would normally be surfing. This then increases the amount of your wave riding days. And it’s the perfect winter surf sport as you’re predominantly on top of the water instead of in it.


You’re no doubt aware of snowboarding – if not then you may have had your head in the snow? Traditionally the punk rock, snotty sibling of skiing snowboarding found favour in the 8os and enjoyed phenomenal growth during the 90s and early 00s. Before long every man and his dog was into it.

Over the last few years skiing has seen a renaissance, now eclipsing its side sliding brethren. So much so that snowboarding is cool and the gang again – back to being so uncool it’s cool (punk rock). Time to bust some loose and rip a turn or two (or maybe do a blue run and sip some vin chaud?).


Cycling as a sport is probably one of the most popular outdoor pursuits there is. Everyone owns a bike don’t they – even if just a tatty mangled wreck nestling among the brambles at the back of the garden?

But if you’re searching for more adrenaline fuelled pedal power, that’s perfect for winter, why not get involved in some MTB. All over you’ll find designated parks and trails, from downhill to cross country, that love seeing some two wheeled action. Head up, then down, hit that berm or slide out the tail, MTB is an all you can eat buffet of thrills and sometimes spills.

Land paddling

Think you’re too old for skateboarding? Looking for a new way to ride your trusty old deck? What about land paddling? What’s the heck’s that we hear you cry.

Land paddling is actually a durative of on water stand up paddling. Instead of using a paddle riders utilise specially made land paddles and ride oversize skate decks.

Sounds lame but it’s actually good fun and great for super cold weather days. The paddle propels you along and enthusiasts can cover some decent amount of distance. It’s a great core workout and can even be taken to ramps and rails if you’re feeling particularly rad. Wear a lid though as concrete stacks hurt!

The above barely scratches the surface of sports that are perfect for winter. Choose from this list or search around for something else that pricks your interest.

The key thing is get out there and enjoy!

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