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Lifestyle? What do you mean lifestyle?

Jargon is everywhere. Brands and companies who want to sell you their wares and services are masters of marketing goods and offerings in ways that appeal. And yes, we won't lie, Headfudge is exactly the same. We want you to part with readies for our stuff, of course we do. The difference is who we are...


Lifestyle is a buzz word that many love to band around. But what does it mean? After all, most of us have a 'lifestyle' of some description. Images of outdoors play, rough and tumble in the sand, scaling craggy outcrops with a bunch of mates or zipping back and forth with a windsurf sail in your hands; these are the kinds of pictures we see from 'lifestyle' brands all the time.

You buy into it. You want the connection. And a way to do that (so some would have you believe) is by purchasing the t-shirt, hoody or logo adorned jacket. But that isn't it. Simply wearing the gear won't give you that yearned for lifestyle - you actually need to go and live it!

Now don't get us wrong, we know it's hard. Modern life, combined with all its trappings of responsibility, work commitments and family needs conspire to get in your way. You buy the tee but it doesn't get you any closer to the surf (for instance). And before long seeing those cleverly constructed images of smiling young 'uns, all frolicking in the waves just makes you feel depressed and forlorn.

But wait! Pick yourself up and take stock. None of this is real. You still get in for a session frequently. Granted it might not be everyday but count your blessings when you do. You're still living it and breathing the outdoors life. And then let's not forget all those other activities you do. Cycling, running or rambling with your family. This is lifestyle! This is living it! Not being stuck inside with the 'goggle box' permanently on.

For those who are keen there are plenty of opportunities to live an active lifestyle. So what if it's not as glam as those magazine images you're bombarded with? Who cares if the sun doesn't shine every time you hit up Mother Nature? The point is just getting into the wide open, whichever way you do it, is a good thing - even if only for short stints at a time. This is what Headfudge subscribes to and this is what we live by.

Pics: Headfudge team rider Dan Taylor getting some downhill skate time in the bag.

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