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The end of the road – it’s what you make it

Where do you live? What place do you call home? Is it somewhere inland? A big city perhaps? Complete with all the trappings you'd expect. Maybe it's not so much a city and more a town, or something in between. Still with the usual hustle and bustle of a large built up area but with a touch more open space and chance to escape. You know the kind of area I’m referring to…

And then there's you village people. No, not the camp 70s disco act that bought us the YMCA. I'm talking about those of you seeking a simpler way of living in a rural setting. Maybe you still work somewhere busier or maybe your job revolves around the countryside itself. Though how rural you go is your choice – there are scales of course. Me? I live at the end of the road - literally. Draw a line straight down the map and as sure as eggs is eggs land finishes where I'm at. You can’t go any further, unless you’re in a boat or amphibious vehicle. Yes there's sea and yes there's sand. The area also boasts a similar vista - in places - that'd suit those village dwellers mentioned above. Come back inland (slightly) and you’ll discover pristine pastures and green fields, complete with cows, sheep and such like. But what really sets the end of the road apart is the people that live here. It's a diverse mix. Alkies, druggies, drop outs, benefit cheats, yobs, slobs and a few other dregs of society, unfortunately. I mention these first as it's not all depressing... Surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, paddlers, sailors and all manner of mariner rub shoulders with the former. Plus those everyday folk, who were born here and haven't left, also make up a large percentage of the population. It's an eclectic and colourful mix that's for sure and a melting pot of diversity in a sort of laid back way.

From this description you'd be forgiven for thinking there's lots going on - there isn't. Unless you physically make stuff happen then life's pretty normal. The tools, however, are right in front of your nose, which I'd recommend picking up. Nobody wants a boring life....Everyone can challenge the status quo and make their world engaging. Wherever you reside 'interest' can be discovered. You just have to be receptive. Here at the end of the road scratching beneath the surface yields best results. The end of the road may appear boring to those visiting, simply to get a dose of salty air before leaving. They’d be wrong, however. Use your nail to break the surface and see what you can find beneath.

True story…

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