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Tarmac flow – HF ambassador Dan Taylor cruising asphalt

Here at Headfudge we’re into all things outdoors and we’re always stoked to see ambassadors of ours rocking the HF threads in their respective environments. Dan Taylor resides in France and loves nothing better than a watery wall. He’s also a pretty keen tarmac slider when surf conditions aren’t playing ball or he fancies switching things up.

Skating and surfing’s partnership is as old as the hills. Ever since the notorious Z-Boys (Google if unsure) melded the two disciplines in such a way that a whole new form of riding skateboards opened up, there have been aficionados straddling both. Dan’s yet another one of those rippers doing the same.

In the accompanying pics Dan displays his prowess on a longboard. Unlike street skating, which features all manner of rail grinds, gap flips and stair air combos (most of which carry a severe health warning) longboard skating is more reflective of what Dan (and many others) do on a wave. The emphasis being firmly on style – made even more so by him wearing HF threads (we couldn’t resist chucking

Flow is the order of the day with tail slides and carves making good use of terrain. There’s also nothing wrong with getting down low and dirty, making use of terra firm and actually touching the ground. Pivoting round hands while kicking the back wheel loose is a style trait of this type of skating. Riders can, of course, still slam – and concrete does bruise – but with so many ways of sliding sideways on boards this is just another example of diversity.

Longboard skating is currently seeing a bit of a renaissance. We say this based on what we observe. There’s a raft of people – a good many post-30 year olds also – who have been spotted cruising around. In our opinion it’s all good, whatever gets you up, out and about. The size of a longboard, relative to its street skating sibling, is certainly a comfort blanket for many. Slamming is perceived to be less but don’t be fooled, anyone looking to get rad can do so with a sled like this, just in a slightly different way.

Happy shredding y’all!

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