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A walk in the park – fresh air for soul, body and mind

Whether you’re an active outdoors thrill seeker or part time dabbler getting away from the office will do wonders for your well-being and give a clearer head space. (the same if you’re neither of things). Sitting zombied out in front of a screen isn’t great for the soul, let alone general health, and with tech now all the rage – and something we as a race seem unable to unplug from – there’s never been a more important time to disconnect – at least for a short while. There’s even irony in us writing this article when you think about it…

Here at Headfudge we know a bunch of surfers, windsurfers, bikers and paddlers who consider themselves pretty hardcore and ‘into it. Yet even they have to endure the daily grind and work. Sometimes, as much as you want ‘it’ badly, there’s simply no way of nabbing ‘it’. We all have to serve up that pound of flesh to ‘the man’.

What to do then?

Usually there’s some form of open green space close by. Or at least an open area of some description, even if not green. Getting involved and simply going for a walk (usually during your breaks) is enough to clear the head, refresh the senses and put you back in a positive state of mind.

Taking a stroll might not necessarily be the most adrenaline fuelled activity in the world so it should be taken as one for your headspace. If the sun’s out then a shot of Vitamin D can do wonders and combat those unnatural light effects that serve to grey your day. If it’s blustery then breathe it in and take on that brisk walk. Once back in the office you’ll feel revitalised. Wet weather is just a waterproof jacket away from being doable while cold conditions mean wrapping up snug and warm – that post lunch brew will never have tasted so good.

Rinse and repeat as often as you can and not only will you have a clearer head you’ll also start and become fitter, healthier and dare we say it, happier. OK we’re not suggesting strolling is a cure all but it beats being desk bound when you don’t have to be.

If you do want to take it a few steps further (no pun intended) then you could integrate lunch break walks as part of your fitness routine. With an hour to spare, there’s no reason why swapping walking for running couldn’t work. A 15 minute jog around the park is a great thing to do during work down time with still the option of time for eats and drinks. Take it further still and bust out the bike, if you can.

There’re no two ways about it, getting out in the fresh air is extremely good for you. Taking the opportunity during work hours is the best way (in our opinion) to utilise your lunch hour. Motivation just has to be input from you…

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