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Stand up paddle boarding – a Headfudge favourite

One of the easiest to access watersports is stand up paddling. With the recently onboarding of Headfudge brand ambassador Jay ‘JSUP’ Manning (more on him to follow in a later article) we thought we’d give you a quick 101 guide to the sport.

So what is stand up paddling? In short, riders stand atop an oversized surfboard (for want of a better term) and use a single blade paddle attached to an elongated shaft for propulsion. The beauty of SUP (for short) is that you can surf, flat water paddle, race, river SUP, fish, freedive, enjoy a spot of Yoga, play polo (yes, really!) and pretty much take your craft anywhere there’s water – inland or coastal. SUP’s versatility knows no bounds.

One of the biggest areas of stand up is the inflatable market which has exploded in recent years (fortunately bot the actual kit!). Unbelievable, but true, air filled boards are top notch pieces of equipment that deliver a bona fide stand up paddling experience – not the Mickey Mouse variety you’d perceive. Packing down into nifty back packs, and being relatively lightweight, they’re great for travelling with and do away with needs for spacious storage areas and transport logistics.

Our man JSUP is has been part of SUP since its inception in the UK and continues to deliver the stoke and spread the word about stand up paddling. From your point of view it’s a simple, and quick exercise (when compared to other watery disciplines) to get going. A 1hr lesson with a qualified instructor will have you up and paddling, on flat water, super quick. Beginner boards are wide and stable with paddles being light and efficient. All in it’s much simpler than learning to surf for instance.

Having nailed down the basics of SUP you’re then primed take your new found interest wherever you see fit – have stand up kit will travel. There are plenty of other paddlers propelling themselves across briny stretches throughout the UK. Billed as the world’s fastest growing watersport you can hit up various online sites and social media groups to find out all the info on where to paddle and who with – stand ups are a friendly bunch.

As summer fast approaches it could be time to get out and try something new, even better if it’s all inclusive for the whole family. Stand up paddling not only puts a smile on your face it’s also a great workout – the benefits of which have been promoted extensively. Inflatables or hard boards, whatever choice of craft pricks your interest, we highly recommend getting afloat SUP style. And don’t forget to keep a warm Headfudge hoody close to hand for when you get off the water!

If you're taken by the watery version of stand up paddling then what about land paddling to compliment? Find out more in our four winter adrenaline sports for the seasonal affected article.

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