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Two wheeled escapism – mini MTB adventures close to home

You’re not dead. And you’re a long time so, when that eventually does happen. At the risk of sounding cliché: what are you doing with your life? Getting up, going to work, coming home, plonking yourself in front of the TV, repeat. Sound familiar?

Now don’t us wrong, we love relaxing in front of the ‘box’ (glass of vino in hand) as much as the next person. But come on, there’s WAY more to life than rinse and repeat. Chances are your humble abode has a door? Well, why not make use of it and get outside. Here’s one suggestion…

Bikes these days are so much better than they were. It’s possible to load up with some basics and head off to wilderness discoveries – even if you live in the heart of the city. Of course, picking and choosing your times is wise – winter, for instance, can be harsh if you’re looking to overnight. Although, as with everything, there’s no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes or ill preparation.

Getting hold of a decent set of weather proof layers, a quality sleeping bag (preferably made from down so it packs into a small bundle) and having the means to cook up a meal before bed is all doable. Then simply laden your two wheeled steed and off you go.

Trail riding off the beaten path will exhilarate and promote those all-important endorphin's, make your brain buzz and your soul zing (that’s corny isn’t it? – but oh so true!). If there’s any degree of incline then all the better. We’re not suggesting you take on a near vertical slope but having scaled to a summit you’ll have a sense of achievement that can’t be rivalled. And having reached your two wheeled destination you can make camp, snack up and then rest for the night, waking to most likely (if Mother Nature’s on your side) an awe inspiring view.

If you decide to tackle winter and get out on your bike, searching for under the stars sleepy hollows, then your morning vista could be all the sweeter. Natural light and colour during the off season can be sublime – perfect for sunrise photographs (see our previous article for inspiration on this).

Even if you don’t plan on camping out an after hours cycle – even if only a couple of times a week – can rejuvenate and energise. With a spring to your step most areas of your life will benefit. Now don’t get us wrong, we appreciate there are life obstacles that can get in your way. Which is why we’re suggesting this be done close to home – just in the event of needing to dash back. As we’ve said, wherever you reside you’re usually not too far away from a decent off road route, and in many cases it’ll be secluded enough to overnight if you’re keen to indulge.

There’s nothing better than strolling into work the following day and having your colleagues inquire what you got up to last night. Delivering the answer is fulfilment x10!

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