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Real world surfing - it ain't always about the shred

If you caught our previous article ‘we are everyday people – debunking the surfer stereotype’ then you could call this the sequel. Real world surfers, as we like to call them, aren’t so much hardcore fanatics who rip and shred but more beach lovers, ocean goers and outdoor folks who simply enjoy playing in the brine, whatever the conditions, and being stoked because of it.

Yes, the very utterance of the word stoke conjures up stereotypical images, but it’s very apt if frolicking in the brine is your thing. (For stoke think fulfilment). Dropping into double overhead bombs may not be your thing (you may not even know what a double overhead bomb is – and no, we’re not being invaded) but simple pleasures of riding ripples or stroking through a bit of front crawl is enough to get juices flowing, a buzz buzzing and leave you with a feeling of contentment. Something that should lift you through the working week, until the next time you immerse yourself in saline.

We salute all you real world surfers and give respect to all who make the pilgrimage to silky sands, shingly beaches, ocean’s blue and salty seas. One life – no fear and all that…

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