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Beautiful, bespoke playing cards, designed by Headfudge founder, Heather Pierpoint, featuring unique, stylised digital illustrations & watercolour designs.

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These unique playing cards have been lovingly created with contemporary, stylised black ink illustrations and splashes of watercolour, of well known landmarks, places and iconic visions from the New Forest National Park and the Dorset & Jurassic Coastline. 18 different illustrations included in each pack, plus stylised Jack, Queen, King, Ace and Jokers! The PERFECT gift for local residents or fond visitors... 

Full list of the illustrations included, can be found in the product description!
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Download a PDF list of the 18 places featured on each of our Headfudge playing card packs for 'Track the Pack' challenge.


New Forest National Park


Dorset & Jurassic Coastline

How to play:

  1. Visit Download or print the preferred PDF file (under the ‘Track the Pack’ challenge section), which lists all 18 places, as featured on our Headfudge playing cards. Choose from either The Forest Pack or The Coast Pack – or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try both!

  2. Visit as many of the 18 places on each pack as you like. For every one you visit and post*, you’ll get one entry into the prize draw. The more places you tick off – up to 36 in total – the more entries you get, and the more chances of winning

  3. Take a selfie/photo at each place to prove your visit, *then post them on facebook and/or instagram, using the hashtags #trackthepackchallenge and #headfudgeclothing. If you can tag your location, even better! :) 

  4. The WINNER of ‘Track the Pack’ challenge will be picked at random on 30th March 2021 and will WIN £150 in Headfudge gift vouchers PLUS, of course, a pack of Headfudge Playing Cards as a memento.  Good luck and enjoy!

Are you a potential stockist?

We are proud to say we have some amazing local stockist of our Headfudge Playing Cards, including Balmer Lawn, Spot in the Woods, The New Forest Pub, Thatched Cottage Hotel and several more... 


If you are a hotel, B&B, shop owner, garden centre or any other kind of potential stockist, we have a PDF Stockist Pack available to download with all the information you need. Just give us a call or ping over an email and we can arrange a suitable time to pop over with samples. 

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