January 31, 2017

If you caught our previous article ‘we are everyday people – debunking the surfer stereotype’ then you could call this the sequel. Real world surfers, as we like to call them, aren’t so much hardcore fanatics who rip and shred but more beach lovers, ocean goers and outdoor folks who simply enjoy playing in the brine, whatever the conditions, and being stoked...

January 27, 2017

We’re all addicts. Some more than others granted. But where you channel this addiction and the energy it consumes is what separates. At its heart addiction is an escape mechanism. A way to rid yourself of the day’s stress and trials that frequently occur. For some it’s opening that bottle of wine, kicking back and slurping eagerly. For others it’s the absolu...

January 25, 2017

Feeling blue? A case of SAD? Winter weather causing depressive moods and low/short light days not helping? During bleaker months we’ll acknowledge it’s hard for sure. Waking in the dark, getting home in the dark and less than tropical mercury levels are enough to send anyone scurrying for the huddle of warm duvets. But wait, call us mad, there’s a simple cur...

January 17, 2017

Some of you may recall we recently ran an awesome Headfudge competition where entrants were in the running for a plethora of different outdoor flavoured prizes. Well, that has now come to an end and the winners, picked at random are listed below.

Well done to everyone that took part (you've got to be in it to win it!) and stay tuned for another giveaway comin...

January 16, 2017

Surfers. The mere utterance of the word will conjure up images of bronzed chaps strutting about sun drenched beaches, wispy blonde hair blowing in the breeze, wetsuit over shoulder and board under arm. For some there may be an added visual of tropical, palm fringed beaches in the mix, while others may include cliché VW camper vans chugging lazily along prome...

January 3, 2017

Kelly Slater (the world’s most successful competitive surfer – Google him if you don’t know who he is) was recently quoted as saying: ‘I want to still be surfing Backdoor (again Google this if you’re not aware) when I’m 90.’ Having read up on ‘Slats’ you’ll have noticed how committed he is to a healthy lifestyle, therefore there’s a good chance his twilight...

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